Microsoft CMT – Best-In-Class, Hosted and Scalable Academic Conference Management System

The Conference Management Toolkit (CMT) is sponsored by Microsoft Research. CMT runs on Microsoft Azure cloud platform with data geo-replicated across data centers. It is highly secure, available, scalable, and reliable. CMT handles the most complex workflows of academic conferences. Its functionalities are fully accessible through web based interfaces.

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Multiple Roles

Chair, senior meta-reviewer, meta-reviewer, reviewer, author, proceedings editor

Multi-Track Support

No limit on number of tracks in a conference with each track independently configured

Customizable Form

All forms are customizable with ability to configure question visibility independently

Full Submission Life Cycle

Abstract, full paper, supplementary material, revision, camera-ready, presentation

Instruction Message

Welcome message for authors, reviewers and meta-reviewers in rich format

File and Media

Unlimited file upload. Max file size 100MB. Support pdf, docx, audio, video and other file types.

Conflicts Management

Domain conflict, submission conflict, person to person conflict, dblp conflict and chairs conflict

Program Committee Invite

Bulk invite senior meta-reviewers, meta-reviewers, and reviewers and track invite status


Allow meta-reviewers and reviewers to bid on papers and allow senior meta-reviewers to bid on meta-reviewers

Reviewer Suggestion

Meta-reviewers suggest reviewers for papers


Support both manual and automatic assignment, integrated with TPMS (Toronto Paper Matching System)


Threaded discussion and virtual PC meeting


Authors provide feedback to reviews online or via file upload

Author Notification

Quick steps to notify authors using Author Notification Wizard and custom templates


Streamlined IEEE eCopyright submission


Export conference data to Excel/XML/CSV


Download submission files, supplementary material, camera-ready files, presentations


Facilitate communication among users of different roles


Allow chairs, senior meta-reviewers, meta-reviewers and reviewers to create note

Session and Presentation

Facilitate session creation for accepted papers and uploading of slide decks for paper presentation


Log submission activities and file upload/download


Notable Conferences

International Conference on Machine Learning
Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition


Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems


Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision


Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Asian Conference on Computer Vision
International Conference on Management of Data
Very Large Data Bases
International Conference on Data Engineering
International Conference on Multimedia and Expo


European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases



Medical Image Computing & Computer Assisted Intervention


International Conference on Computer Vision
Women in Machine Learning
Women in Computer Vision Workshop
Artificial Intelligence and Statistics
British Machine Vision Conference


The architect of the Conference Management Toolkit is Surajit Chaudhuri, Distinguished Scientist at Microsoft Research, Redmond. The service was first developed for ACM SIGKDD 1999. Since then, it has undergone several major improvements and extensions and has been used in thousands of conferences to date. CMT3 is the latest and the most popular version. It is built on Microsoft Azure platform and fully utilizes the best cloud technologies to provide scalability, availability and reliability not matched by any other conference management services. HTML5, Bootstrap and JQuery are used in creating responsive, mobile-first and modern CMT3 web interface.

Since 2016, CMT3 has hosted 5500 conferences with users from 230 countries and regions. The following numbers show the usage of a typical large CMT conference.


Papers Submitted


People on Program Committee


TPMS Scores Requested


Reviewer Suggestions


Reviewer Conflicts


Reviewer Bids


Emails Sent


Files Uploaded


Discussion Posts


CMT provides free email based support Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Pacific Time. Please contact for support issues. Since CMT is developed, operated and managed by a small team, support is limited. However, we will do our best to respond to issues in a timely manner (usually within 24 hours). We prefer if you can arrange abstract submission, paper submission and reviewer submission deadlines to fall on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in order to ensure quick response from the CMT team.